Commercial Restaurant Hood Cleaning In Dallas!

Our friends and family are scattered throughout the continental United States. We had the pleasure of reaching out to some more of the Johnson family down in good ol Dallas Texas. The weather is hot and the BBQ may be hotter! If you haven’t been around Dallas FW area, well then you have to get yourself down there and try their food, the best south of the Mason Dixon. It also just so happens entrepreneur genes run strong in the family; our other tree branch is down there in Texas busy keeping these restaurant hoods clean so the restauranteurs can continue to bring you and your family their delicious bbq!

Not many people know the industry even exists, but while you’re enjoying your favorite local restaurant or sitting down at your malls food court, feel safe knowing that their exhaust fans and hood must be kept to a high standard of clean and are required to be cleaned once every 3 months, and certified as well. Commercial hood cleaning Dallas is nothing different. cleaning commercial kitchen exhausts is a dirty job but can also be rewarding! Another aspect of the job that also keeps the industry a bit in the underground, is that it takes place almost exclusively at night! Almost all jobs must be done after a bar or restaurant closes, and that can get pretty late pretty quickly.

We love taking long trips down the coast and to the south to see our family members. We also love hearing the stories of hardship and comradery that our families share with one another about our separate business ventures and at the heart of it how they really are all the same! Dallas Hood Cleaning is a top notch business with an even better reputation!