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Our Stores Finest

We have been fashioning the most stylist and functional bibs for over the past 11 years we have been hand picking fabric and ethically sourcing our bibs to meet the finest standards of moms around the world. We want every parent out there to feel like they have made the responsible purchase when they come to our store.

Our journey started when my little ones would maybe drool a little bit more than most kids and I found myself constantly changing their bibs and teething necklaces. Depending on where we were going I would be switching between different bibs to match outfits. This is when I figured we would need something more stylist, so we got cracking on creating flobibs.

“Before we found flobib all the bibs we found at buybuy baby were ugly and nonfunctional, we needed something that looked great and did the job, glad we found flobib!” -Sarah Los Angeles

Making sure everything that ships out to our clients is of the utmost importance, we personal check all merchandise before it ships out the door. As our orders have been expanding so have our facilities, we have started down the journey of growing our facilities and we have a few contractors that owed some thanks! We will have some of them on here as guests to let our clientele know some secretes to home upkeep!